Acquisition Details

Originals and Prints:  Originals are paintings, drawings, and the first of each photograph or New Genres image work.  Fine Art Prints are prints of image works.  Prints are reproductions of originals.

Signed or Unsigned:  Originals - I sign, date, number.  Prints - I number and sign 5, and release 15 unsigned, per dimension.  Separately, for all works, I hand-sign and date a COA.

Limited Edition Sizes:  For each work, 5 signed, 15 unsigned, per dimension.  2 APs and original photo or New Genres image remain in my Artist's collection.

Dimensions:  For 4:3 landscape / 3:4 portrait, four size options exist:  36 x 27 in, 24 x 18 in, 16 x 12 in, 8 x 6 in.  For 16:9 wide landscape, three size options exist:  18 x 32 in, 13.5 x 24 in, 9 x 16 in.  For large-scale, let's chat.

Price information:  Accompanies each work.  All prices are negotiable during the Fair, particularly if you are interested in acquiring more than one work.