Acquisition Details

Originals and Prints:  Originals are paintings, drawings, and the first of each photograph or New Genres image work.  Fine Art Prints are prints of image works.  Glicees are of originals.

Signed or Unsigned:  Originals - I sign, date, number.  Fine Art Prints and glicees - I number and sign 5, and release 20 unsigned, per dimension.  Separately, for all works, I hand-sign and date a COA.

Limited Edition Sizes:  For each work, 5 signed, 20 unsigned, per dimension.  2 APs and original photo or New Genres image:  Artist's collection.

Dimensions:  For 4:3 landscape / 3:4 portrait, four exist:  36 x 27 in, 24 x 18 in, 16 x 12 in, 8 x 6 in.  For 16:9 wide landscape, three exist:  18 x 32 in, 13.5 x 24 in, 9 x 16 in.  For large-scale, let's chat.

Price information:  Accompanies each work.